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Working meeting for the establishment of Interregional Technology Park

On November 7, 2018 in Veles was held a working meeting of the representatives from the Centers for Development of the East and Vardar Planning Region, the representatives from the University "Goce Delcev" from Stip and Krzysztof Malicky, technology transfer technologist at the University of Technology in Gdańsk, Poland.

The working meeting was aimed at coordinating the partners regarding the further steps in the process of establishing a Interregional Technology Park in the East and Vardar Planning Region.

In order to gain greater knowledge about the significance of such an object, the Polish expert was invited, who is adviser to the Rector of the Gdansk University of Technology for Commercialization of Intellectual Property and Head of the Technology Transfer Park.

The joint cooperation with regard to the establishment of a Technology Park is already focused on the process for developing a feasibility study for the construction of such a capacity in Stip and Veles, in which the dilemmas in determining the priorities to be paid attention will be elaborated - building physical capacity, encouraging the development of human capacities or the percentage ratio between the two aspects of mutual development.

The main goal of the Interregional Technology Park will be to strengthen regional competitiveness and exports by establishing an infrastructure to support internationalization and innovation, while strengthening the cooperation between universities, academic spin-off and start-up companies and innovative SMEs in the East and Vardar Planning Region .