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Public debate on the ” Study opportunities for regulation of river Bregalnica (mini reservoirs, dams, cascades)”


September 29, 2010


On the September 14, 2010, The Centre for Development of East Planning Region held a public debate on "Study opportunities for regulation of river Bregalnica (mini reservoirs, dams, cascades in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Shtip. The debate was attended by the mayors from the East planning region, Professors of the faculties of UGD, representatives from several offices for development, representatives of NGOs, experts from this field, as well as representatives from URC, elected for elaboration of the study.

The public debate was opened by the Mayor of Stip PhD. Zoran Aleksov, thenSubmit addressed the head of the Centre for Development of the Eastern Planning Region Ms. Dragica Zdraveva the team responsible for the elaboration of the study with the team leader MA Slavko Mileski presented the draft version of this Study, then the public debate took place.

Participants at the public debate contributed a lot with their constructive comments and they suggested several proposals to the team for elaboration of the study. The participants responded positively to the review notes and if necessary they will be incorporated into the study.

For the public hearing was made flyer that was distributed to participants.



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