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Signed Agreement for realization of projects in East planning region for 2014


February 23, 2014


According to the Decision on granting funds for financing projects for development of planning regions in 2014 (Official Gazette of RM no. 23 from January 31, 2014), on 13 February 2014 at the premises of the Bureau for Regional Development, eight Centres for Development of planning regions have signed agreements for the implementation of projects in 2014. The agreements were signed by the heads of the eight centers for Regional Development and the Ministry of Self-Local Government – represented by the Director Dzemail Elmaz.

Centre for Development of East Planning Region in 2014, from the current appropriations will carry two (2 ) projects including:

  1. Promotion of wealth differences and preservation of cultural and historical heritage in the function of regional development,
  2. Extension of construction of wastewater collector for wastewater for the city Delcevo on the right side of Bregalnica from Delchevo – service area Dolni bavchi – II ( second ) phase.

The first project envisages reconstruction and conversion of existing object – "Turkish baths " in municipality of Vinica municipality, in the gallery for promote of the richness of differences and preservation of cultural and historical heritage and hall for meetings, seminars and workshops for municipalities , non-governmental organizations , the business sector and other institutions in the region.

And the second project is following of the construction of the collector for accepting wastewater from the village Dolni Bavchi to the collector system Delchevo.



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