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International Day of Biological Diversity in Macedonia


May 26, 2014


In order to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversit, 22nd of May has been declared as International Day of Biodiversity by the United Nations, and it is celebrated worldwide to mark the adoption of the Convention on 22 May 1992. This year the theme of the biodiversity day is so-called "Island Biodiversity" which refers to the unique ecosystems that often consist of a number of endemic plant and animal species, which are irreplaceable treasures.

Republic of Macedonia as a member of the UN International Day of Biological Diversity, mark this day with a promotional event held in Delcevo. Organizer of this event is a Project funded by the Swiss Embassy "Programme for Conservation of Nature in Macedonia", project holder Pharmachem Ltd – Skopje, strategic partner Centre for Development of East Planning Region and the host – municipality Delcevo .

The event was addressed by the Director of the Office of the MEPP, Mr. Igor Trajkovski, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in the Republic of Macedonia, His Excellency Mr. Stefano Lazzarotto, and Mayor of Delcevo Mr. Darko Shehtanski.

There was also given awarded prizes for the best 3 photographs of competition on "Biodiversity in Bregalnica region". Also, the activities conducted by government and non-governmental organizations related to biodiversity conservation were promoted( in progress or completed ), children's drawings / works for different environmental games (Project : Education for Nature Conservation in Bregalnica region), exhibit of photos for biodiversity in the region Bregalnica, experiment treatment of contaminated water done by children (Project : Plan for river basin management of Bregalnitsa).

In the second part of the event debate was held over several presentations:

  • Presentation of the activities for audit of the project
  • National Biodiversity Strategy with Action Plan
  • Presentation of the activities of the Programme for preservation of the nature in Macedonia
  • Lecture for "Biodiversity in the region"
  • Lecture for "Island Biodiversity"

These presentations presented the values ​​of biodiversity of Bregalnica region, theme for celebration of biological diversity – ecological islands, and main objectives and activities of both projects.

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