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Concluded agreement for construction of an access road to arable agricultural land in the village of Virce – Municipality of Delchevo


February 18, 2022


Agriculture is one of the basic economic branches in the East Planning Region. The support of agriculture and the improvement of the infrastructure related to the access to agricultural, arable land is a priority in the medium-term planning document, the Program for development of the East planning region 2021-2026.

The Center for development of the East planning region from Stip and Company for production and construction SD-TRANS DOOEL Slave, export-import, village Zvegor Delchevo, on 17.09. 2021, concluded an Agreement for construction of an access road to the arable land in the area of ​​the village. Virce in the municipality of Delchevo. The construction of this access road will provide easier access to farmers to arable land in the immediate vicinity.

The length of the road is 1000 meters with a width of 4.5 meters. The value of the Contract is 1,534,532.42 denars.

The contractor was put into operation on 27.09.2021. The works are expected to be completed within 3 months.

The funds for the realization of the public procurement contract are provided from the Budget of the Republic of Northern Macedonia for 2021, through the Program for capital subsidies for development of the planning regions in the field of agriculture and rural development for 2021.




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