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Second forum session


December 23, 2023


Due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the large number of newly infected people in the Eastern Planning Region, a decision was made to implement the Second Forum Session by conducting an electronic questionnaire, but also to organize an online meeting through the ZOOM platform for the participants in filling out the questionnaire and ranking. of the proposal concepts.

The second forum session was held in the period 01-03.12.2020, filling out the questionnaire was organized with the help of the Google Form tool, and it was delivered by e-mail to the participants in the first forum session, together with an explanation of the process and the five proposed concept solutions.

A total of 83 people answered the questionnaire, and the gender equality of the respondents was taken into account, so that 43.40% of the people who answered the questionnaire were women, and 56.60% were men.

The results of the completed questionnaire were presented and discussed together with the attendees at the virtual ZOOM meeting where recommendations were given for improving the content of the concept solutions.

Analysis of the Second Forum Session

Minutes for prioritizing projects

Report on the process of determining the concept proposal



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