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How to make good business plan


June 26, 2009


From the 21st – 23rd of June 2009, in the Inex Gorica Hotel – Ohrid, was a training for unemployment women and youth on the topic of, “What is a business plan and how to make it?”

The training contained three modules:

  1. What is a business plan and how to make?
  2. Finalization the draft version of the business plans for starting a self-run business.
  3. Finance management (possible sources for getting funds for the realization of a business idea).

The remaining two trainings for unemployment women and youth from East,alt South-East Polog and South-west planning regions, will be held at the end of August. The training included 20 women from all four regions including six from the East Planning Region.

These trainings, which introduce the structure of the business plan, from idea to implementation, offer the hope to help unemployment women to start their own business and create opportunities for self-employment.



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