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Activities for the elaboration of a study on the sustainable development of organic agricultural production in the East Planning Region


June 28, 2010



On 31st of May, the Centre organised the first workshop on the project task of drawing a Study for sustainable development of organic agricultural production in the East planning region.

Participants at this workshop were the employees from local government offices and local economic development departments of municipalities in the East planning region, employees of the Agency for development of agriculture-Regional Centre Shtip and PE Macedonian Forests, subsidiary in Shtip.

The agenda consisted of two activities, development of problem analysis and elaboration of diagram of objectives which should assist in identifying weaknesses that contribute to low usage of the available potentials of the planning region.

With the help of the team from the Office for Rural Development, the participants at the workshop defined the main problems that influence the poor development of organic agricultural production, they identified the problems and consequences, after that they elaborate the diagram and developed general and specific goals.

The second workshop for elaboration of the SWOT analysis will take place in late June.



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