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Held XVII (seventeenth) session of the Council for Development of East Planning Region


July 9, 2015


Council for Development of East Planning Region on 2nd of June 2015, in Municipality of Probishtip, held its XVII (seventeenth) session. The session significant points that were discussed were:

  1. Adoption of the List of priority projects on the basis of Public announcement number 04/2015 for submitting a request for funding from the Programme for Financial Support of Rural Development for 2015
  2. Decisions on prioritizing projects that will be applied to the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development for funding from the “Programme for financial support for rural development for 2015 ” for the measures: 321, 322 and 323
  3. Decisions to grant Consent for the purpose of investment, for the projects which will be established as a priority according the measures: 321, 322 and 323


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