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Signing of a construction contract for the project “Cultural bridge through the centuries” for a public call “Conservation and restoration of the church” St. Vlasie “- Archaeological site Stip


February 1, 2021


The conservation and restoration of the church “St. Vlacier ”is implemented by the Center for Development of the East Planning Region within the project“ Cultural Bridge through the Centuries ”, funded by the INTERERG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Bulgaria – Macedonia.

The project “Cultural Bridge through the centuries” envisages a number of activities and construction works and is implemented over a period of 24 months in cooperation with the National Reading Center “Georgi Todorov 1885” from Belica, Republic of Bulgaria, with a total budget of 406,222.44 euros of which 185,187 , 62 euros for the Center for Development of the East Planning Region, and 221,034.82 euros for the National Reading Room.

The conservation and restoration of the church “St. Vlasie ”is performed by the economic operator BV Engineering DOO Bitola, and the value of the construction works is in the amount of about 89,300 euros.

The church “St. Vlasie ”is located on the archeological site” Isar “and was discovered with archeological excavations by an expert team from the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum – Stip in 2010.

The construction activities envisage conservation and restoration of all wall coverings with stone and opus with surveillance up to a maximum of 1.5 meters from the ground level. The apse on the outside as well as the perimeter walls of the church will be restored with a processed stone sandstone. The existing entrance will be marked on the west wall, and inside the building will be restored the northwestern pillar at a height of 0.7 meters above floor level. The floor will be restored along its entire surface with stone slabs, with a drop from east to west due to the outflow of atmospheric water from the entrance of the church.

The upgraded adjoining part of the south wall will be preserved and restored to a lower height of about 40 cm from the church wall.

The second part of the project is the construction of an access path to the church on the west side, in a length of 146 meters, which will be made entirely of stone.

The third part of the project includes lighting of the access path and the church “St. Vlach “with decorative candelabra.

The whole project will be completed with the purchase and installation of 10 benches and 2 wooden signposts.

The contractor BV Engineering DOO Bitola the restoration and conservation of the church “St. Vlasie ”is expected to be completed in 14 months.




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