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“Ratkova skala” – natural rarity


February 15, 2014


At the office of Mayor of Probishtip on February 10, 2014, meeting with representatives of Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning was held, with representatives of the Macedonian Ecological Society and Centre for Development of East Planning Region. 

On the meeting was discussed for activities already commenced for review of the opportunities and benefits of declaring "Ratkova Skala" as natural area with rare or protected area – a monument of nature or nature park.

Representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Macedonian Ecological Society, presented arguments for "Yes" and "No" in relation to the proposals in terms of the benefits and disadvantages in the development of the municipality and the region and the protection and conservation of nature and natural rarities.

Ratkova Scala is located ten kilometeres northeast of village Zletovo, deep in southwestern part of montains Osogovo, in the valley of the River Shtalkovichka. Ratkova Scala remotely recognizable by steep cliffs with dark to light gray color. Due to the slow, almost vertically highway on Shtalkovichka River through the quartz, its valley has the appearance of canyon lined with rocky sections scale. Thats why it is the area called Ratkova Scala. Nature is specific, with multiple waterfalls, dense vegetation and diverse rare, with endemic species varied animals and birds.

Ratkova Scala is a unique nature and geomorphology.



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