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The first forum session of the Regional Community Forums Program, held on 20.02.2019 (Wednesday) in the framework of the project “Sustainable and Inclusive Balanced Regional Development”


March 4, 2019


The first forum session titled "TOGETHER WE DEVELOP OUR REGION" was held on 20.02.2019 (Wednesday) in the hotel "Izgrev" in the municipality of Shtip. The Center for Development of the East Planning Region, in cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Ministry of Local Self-Government, begins with the identification of project ideas within the project "Sustainable and Inclusive Balanced Regional Development 2018-2020", financed by the Ministry of Local Government Self Government and Government of the Swiss Confederation.

Taking into account the need to improve the capacities of the centers in the preparation, management and implementation of innovative regional projects as well as increasing the transparency and accountability of regional councils, there is a great chance in coordination and cooperation with the relevant stakeholders, the private sector, the academic community, and grassroots society to decide on what is a priority and need in the region.

One of the activities of this project is precisely the organization of forum sessions.

The total budget allocated for the realization of this activity, which will be allocated to the successful planning regions, is CHF 842,000.00 or MKD 45,658,000, the allocation of which will be in accordance with the Decision on the level of development of the planning regions for quality project proposals. The funds our region can provide are at a maximum of CHF 95,158 for projects in the fields of tourism, the environment, business infrastructure and social inclusion.

Within the framework of the first forum session, problems were discussed about the region and solutions were offered, from which project ideas / concepts for project proposals emerged. In the next sessions of these concepts for project proposals, the participants in the forum will select the most important ones that will apply for the realization of the project fund, and at the last session feedback will be given on the realization of the selected / selected forum projects and recommendations.



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