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The VIII (Eighth) Session of the Council for the Development of the Eastern Planning Region was held


December 23, 2023


The Council for the Development of the Eastern Planning Region, on 20.12.2022, online on the virtual platform ZOOM, held the VIII (Eighth) Session. At the Eighth Session, the members of the Council were presented by the external expert with the concept solutions, as phase four of the method of organizing and implementing regional consultations – forums for determining the Proposal – a list of projects for the development of the planning regions, for financing from the Program for balanced regional development for 2023 with indicatively planned funds for 2024 and the Council made a Decision accepting them. The following were also brought:
  • Decision on reassignment of a constructed facility “Construction of fecal sewage in the village of Lesnovo, municipality of Probishtip (fecal sewage line 1 and line 2 and treatment station)”;
  • Decision on transfer of a built object “Illumination of a part of the main road A3 that passes through Makedonska Kamenica”;
  • Decision to adopt the Financial Plan of the Center for the Development of the Eastern Planning Region for 2023;
  • Decision on determining the value of the point for calculating the salaries of employees in the professional service of the Center for Development of the Eastern Planning Region for 2023.
Consent was also given for the conclusion of the Annex to the Employment Agreement for a fixed period of time / Notification of secured financial resources. At the session, the Council adopted the Annual Action Plan for 2023 for the implementation of the Eastern Planning Region Development Program 2021-2026.



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