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XII Meeting of the Council for Development of the East planning region


June 1, 2010


The Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Nexhat Jakupi, visited the East planning region on May 26, 2010. The Minister visited Shtip and met with the Mayor of the Municipality of Shtip, Mr. Zoran Aleksov and the Manager of the Centre for Development of East Planning Region, Mrs. Dragica Zdraveva. Then he visited municipality of Karbinci, where he was welcomed by the Mayor, Mr. Vasil Bogdanski, President of the Council for Development of East Planning Region, Mr. Ratko Dimitrovski, and other mayors from the East planning region. After the brief meeting with the members of the Council for the Development of the Eastern Planning Region, the Minister visited the archaeological site Bargala.

The XIIth regular meeting of the Council for Development of the East planning region was held in the Mountain Hut "Vrteshka’’ on Plachkovica Mountain. Honored guest at the Council meeting was Minister Jakupi, who spoke about the current activities of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the related establishment of regionaleniot system for waste management planning in the East region. In this regard, Mrs. Darinka Jantinska, Head of IPA department at the Ministry, gave full insight into the "Strengthening of administrative capacities of regional and local levels”. Consultants from the EU will be present in the region from June, 2010 until June, 2011.

Activities that  the Council and the Centre for Development East Planning Region implement in this area, are of great importance to solve the problem of waste management and the benefits of establishing this system are of great importance for the region and the country as a whole.

At the meeting, the Council approved the project proposal from CRIPR for connecting the municipalities from the East planning region in a single GIS system. Also on this meeting the Mayors were presented with a draft version of the "Study on the potential use of biomass for energy production in the East Planning Region," for which follows a public hearing in the upcoming period.


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