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Iron Curtain Trail


April 1, 2010


Iron Curtain Trail
Developing Alternative Tourism Potentials in Macedonia

The EuroVelo Cycle Route Network (EV) consists of 12 high quality cycling routes linking more than 20 European countries. This ecological network serves as a global symbol for trans-boundary cooperation in nature conservation, sustainable development, as well as a vehicle to enhance touristic offers throughout Europe. The EuroVelo has agreed to include the Iron Curtain Trail as the 13th cycling route.

The Iron Curtain Trail (ICT) is a series of national and cross boundary protected areas along the Submitformer Iron Curtain – passing through many countries, including 14 EU member states. It links memorials, museums, and facilities commemorating Europe’s divided history and the peaceful revolution in Central and Eastern Europe. The ICT represents the longest heritage trail in the world and can help with promoting the European identity through its rich historical, cultural, and natural landscapes. (for more information visit

The ICT also stretches into the territory of Macedonia, crossing the border near Delchevo, then continuing through a wide valley toward Pehchevo and Berovo. The route then passes through fields and meadows heading south, toward Strumica and Bosilovo, and crossing the Bulgarian border again in the area of the Municipality of Novo Selo. The road is steep at times, but it winds through picturesque hills and offers wonderful views.

The Centre for Development of East planning region and the Centre for Development of the South-East planning region, in cooperation with the German Technical Cooperation Programme on Regional Economic Development (GTZ RED) and the German Embassy in Macedonia are hosting an International Symposium, Iron Curtain Trail – Developing Alternative Tourism Potentials in Macedonia, to discuss Sustainable Cycling Tourism, the EuroVelo and Iron Curtain Trail as significant actions implemented in European Cycle tourism and its touristic potential.

Symposium Goal

Iron Curtain Trail – Developing Alternative Tourism Potentials in Macedonia is designed to raise awareness for stakeholders at the local, regional, and national levels for alternative tourism along the Iron Curtain Trail on Macedonia – Bulgaria border line.  

The event will start on April the 8th and will end on April the 10th, 2010.

The first day there will be meetings between Mr. Michael Cramer and stakeholders from both planning regions.

On April the 9th, there will be International Symposium at “Spomen Dom – ASNOM”, Municipality of Delchevo, Macedonia. On the Symposium, there will be various presentations of the possibilities, added value and the importance of the Iron Curtain Trail upon the economic development. The other part of the Symposium will cover presentations of the best practices, as well as panel discussions on development potentials of alternative tourism in the border regions.

The last day there will be promotional cycling tour along future possible Iron Curtain Trail route in the East and South-East planning region in Macedonia.


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