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First promotional press conference of the project “Cultural Bridge through the Centuries” was held


December 6, 2019


On December 05, 2019 in the Municipal Hall of the Council in Belica Municipality, Republic of Macedonia. Bulgaria, the first promotional press conference for the realization of the project "Cultural Bridge through the Centuries" was held.

The press conference was attended by representatives of the two project partners, media from Macedonia, representatives from several municipalities in the East Planning Region, as well as representatives from the municipality of Belica. The project teams presented the activities and goals of the project, and welcomed the representatives of the Georgi Todorov 1885 National Reading and the Center for Development of the East Planning Region.

The project "Cultural Bridge through the Ages" is funded under the INTERREG-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of N. Macedonia 2014-2020, in which the Lead Partner is the Georgi Todorov 1885 National Reading from the Municipality of Belica and the Center for Development of the East Planning Region, Municipality of Stip, as second project partner.

The project is oriented towards specific needs such as socialization of tourist sites and their appropriate approach to visit, promotion of tourist attractions of different kinds, increasing the quality of tourist information and services, greater cooperation at all levels in the field of culture and tourism – local authorities, business. The project implementation strategy is based on a mutually strategic approach to introducing cultural heritage and promoting cultural traditions that will lead to the creation of conditions for the development of tourist destinations using preserved cultural heritage.

The total cost of the project is about 406,000 euros.





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