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Part of the Maleshevo Mountains declared a protected area


February 18, 2022


At today’s 127th session of the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, a Decision was adopted by which part of the Maleshevo Mountains was declared a protected area in category V – protected area.

The long-term research of natural values ​​in Maleshevo was funded under the Nature Conservation Program (PHP), using the Swiss experience, as well as the application of a participatory approach with various relevant stakeholders, which especially contributed to the success of this process.

The presence of numerous internationally and nationally important species and habitats, important sites in terms of geodiversity, cultural heritage and centuries-old interaction between man and nature that has resulted in the emergence of significant landscape diversity, make Maleshevo particularly valuable for preservation.

According to the decision of the Government, PE “National Forests” will manage the protected area Maleshevo, and PZP will provide additional support in the preparation of the Management Plan and strengthening the capacity of the body.

The surface of the protected area – protected area Maleshevo is 11460.89 hectares, within which three protection zones are defined for performing the activity of protection and promotion of nature.

The process of declaring Maleshevo a protected area was supported by the Nature Conservation Program (WPP), a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), coordinated by Pharmachem from Skopje.




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